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Why should I send flowers with Thistles?

At Thistles we take great care in making sure your flowers evoke emotion and convey feelings that go beyond words. Our designers have over 90 years of combined floral experience and are proud to bring you designs that stand apart from other traditional arrangements. We pride ourselves on our unique designs, interesting flower choices, and long lasting quality that bring a joyful and loving gift to someone you care for.

How long will my flowers last?

Our flowers are processed with state-of-the-art hydrating solutions within hours of arriving at our door so that you are sure to receive the freshest and longest lasting blooms possible.

Most flower arrangements last between 7–21 days depending on the types of flowers, vase/container choice, and general care from the recipient.

Where do my flowers come from?

Our top suppliers are located in Oskaloosa, Iowa; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Milan, Illinois.

Between those four suppliers, most of their product is cut from flower farms in California, Florida, South America, Africa, Holland, and Asia.

How do I care for fresh cut flowers?

To care for fresh cut flowers you first need to know what type of an arrangement you have. Is your arrangement in foam or is it in water?

If your arrangement is in water that means your stems are simply cut and arranged within a vase. Vased arrangements are often easy to identify because you will often see the stems. If you are unsure gently lift the greenery away from the side of an arrangement and feel for a water source.

If you feel a water source, the best way to care for vased flowers is by replacing the water with fresh water every two to three days. At the same time you replace the water, it is also suggested to lift the arrangement from the vase and cut the smallest amount from the stems in a diagonal fashion.

If your arrangement is not in water, the next option is floral foam. This is a product where water is absorbed into a moisture wicking foam, and the stems are inserted within the foam brick.

To care for arrangements in foam simply add water to the container where the foam is located every day to keep the foam brick wet and wicking up to your flowers.

I don't see an arrangement I like on the website. Can you make something custom for me?

Of course we can make a custom arrangement for you! If you would like to order online simply click here (INSERT LINK TO DESIGNERS CHOICE ARRANGEMENT) and let our designers work their magic and use their creativity to make an arrangement unique to you. Have something specific in mind? Give us a call we’ll chat about how to make the perfect arrangement custom to you!

I like an arrangement on the website, but it's not the price I'm looking for. What do I do?

Maybe you found just the arrangement but the price point is a little off, give us a call and let us know which arrangement you like best and we can talk you through options on how to adjust the price. We promise, it’s as easy at that!

How far in advance do I need to order flowers if I want them delivered?

If possible, we prefer to have 2 days’ notice to be sure we can get all of your requested flowers in and beautifully arranged. We know life gets busy and unexpected events pop up on a daily basis so we are proud to offer same day delivery, as well.

If you choose a product with flowers or materials that we do not have in stock, we will do our best to choose beautiful alternatives to keep with the general feel and style of the arrangement

What happens if I send flowers to someone, and they aren't home?

If the recipient is not home upon delivery, our trained delivery drivers leave a courtesy tag asking the recipient to kindly phone us and schedule a separate time for delivery at their earliest convenience, as well as leaving a brief message on the recipient’s given cell phone number.

How can I send flowers to someone out of state?

We are happy to assist you with sending flowers out of state. We know how confusing it can be to get the best deal, with the freshest flowers for the best price. We are proud to offer our expertise to help you get the best bang for your buck. Give us a call for more information of how to send a product to a different state.

What surrounding areas will you deliver to?






















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any other cities 1.50 per mile

Can I specify what time of the day I would like my flowers delivered?

Of course you can specify a delivery time! We cannot guarantee any delivery times, but we do our best to have your order arrive within a close timeframe.

Please note our delivery vans typically run between 9:15 a.m. and 5 p.m.

How are my flowers delivered?

Our trained, skilled team of delivery drivers make their delivery by means of a Thistles van. During busy seasons you may catch a few extra drivers in varying vehicles.

Why do flower prices increase during busy seasons like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day?

During busy seasons the demand for flowers goes up, making the selection smaller, therefore driving the prices higher. We work with our suppliers to source product that keeps the product prices as low as possible year round.

I'm getting married, and I'm looking for a florist. Do you do wedding flowers?

We love wedding flowers! Our shop keeps a full-time Wedding Coordinator on staff to assist you with any and everything wedding. Click here to learn more about our wedding business!

Can I specify a sympathy arrangement to be given to a specific person following funeral services?

Yes, to specify who you would like the order given to simply write their name in the special instruction portion of the checkout process. Our designers make note of this and pass the information onto the funeral directors.

Where can I leave any special instructions for my order? (Examples: try back door first, leave on enclosed porch if weather is good, etc.)

Check under the special instruction portion during the checkout process.

We look over special notes like these with every order to ensure you’re getting exactly what you expected, how you expected it!

If I send a plant, will care instructions be included with the plant?

Yes, each plant comes with a care tag with basic care tips so you are sure keep it alive as long as possible. Any questions can be answered with our designers by stopping in or calling for more in-depth information.

What do you mean when the website says "some subsitutions may be made if necessary"?

If an order is placed to be delivered same day, a storm wipes out a crop, we are sold out of a certain product, or something else goes awry, we may need to substitute a flower/container for something as similar as possible.

In doing this, we thoughtfully choose the best alternative to give the product the same quality, style, and feel. If you have questions about a second choice option please feel free to let us know.

If I send flowers to a funeral service, who should I list as the recipient?

When sending flowers to a funeral service, please list the name of the person who has passed away as the recipient.

If you have a specific person you would like to be sure the product is given to following the service, please list their name in the special instruction portion of the order.

If I have questions about my order, what is the best way to get in touch with a florist at Thistles?

We’re easy to get a hold of and here to work for you!

To reach us, you can pick up the phone and call, message through Facebook, or send us a message via the website with any questions on your order or how to order flowers.

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